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  • RRU is the Remote Radio Unit, by connecting to BBU (Base Band Unit), it can provide high power GSM coverage.

    ENB-10, A57R
    Operating frequency: GSM 900 Band
    - UL: 885~909 MHz
    - DL: 930~954 MHz
    Channel spacing: 200 kHz
    GSM carriers: 4 Carriers
    Maximum output power: 20W
    - 43dBm@1ch ; 40dBm@2ch
    - 38dBm@3ch ; 37dBm@4ch

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  • BBU is the Base Band Unit, it connects to GSM core network by IP based interface and connects to RRU by optical fiber, providing base band signal to RRU and cellular signaling & data to GSM core network.

    ENB-10, A57
    Number of carriers: 4 Carriers (Max 2 EDGE Carriers)
    Interface protocol: TR069 to NMS, CPRI to RRU
    CS service: FR,EFR & SMS
    GPRS service: CS1~CS4 Coding Scheme
    EDGE service: MCS1~MSC9 Coding Schemes
    Synchronization: GPS, IEEE 1588V2

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