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About TPcom

TPcom is a globally prominent provider for wireless communications and information solutions and services. TPcom devotes itself to continuous innovation in wireless communication technology, serving clients with ideal end-to-end wireless network solutions and services.

Headquartered in Guangzhou, China, Tpcom has accumulated extensive experience in the field of wireless communications, with a R&D team of more than 800 engineers. Ranging from the field of digital RF (MCPA, SDR, DPD and CFR), 2G/3G/4G physical layer technology (Massive MIMO, OFDM, ...), wireless communication end to protocol stack, core network EPC, network management and BOSS systems, to wireless terminal end-to-end products and solutions, Tpcom possesses independent core R&D capabilities and has 2900+ invention patents. In the near future, Tpcom will continue to invest in 5G R&D, introducing 5G network end-to-end solutions based on Massive MIMO, ultra-dense networking, millimeter wave, SDN, and NFV.

TPcom's vision and ambition is: Connecting the world, Connecting the unconnected

Tpcom will serve global operators and clients of enterprises, private network and ODM/OEM with innovative and cutting-edge wireless network solutions.

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